Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chestnuts' Custom: The Pony With No Name

Chestnuts' Custom: Repaints are Copouts

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My good friend GaZombie24 set me a challenge; to make a pony that wasn't a character from My Little Pony. (I started this one before Metal Pony REX, it just took me much, much longer..) He later saved me the imagination and suggested Clint Eastwood as The Man With No Name.. this make was literally a journey. Pretty much the whole way through making it I hated it but I learned a lot doing this guy. I had originally presented him to GZ24 without the spurs, however as soon as GZ suggested the idea; we knew only Colin wouldn't try it..

The Pony With No Name




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  1. When i set you this challenge I thought you would get the job done....but that is a understatement. You F*****g nailed it! You took every suggestion on board, didnt leave anything out, and didnt Collin once. A true great custom ill be showing off for a long time. Thanx again bro.