Freeform Sculpture

Please note this page is no longer being updated, I'm not gonna go through and remove Buy it Now buttons, but it is worth mentioning that they probably don't work, if you'd like to see my current makes and/ or commission me, I will be found loitering on my deviantART!

The following were made with either Sculpey (preferably Super Sculpey) or Fimo Polymer clays.

The Project X figures were made for a flash-in-the-pan story I speculated upon titled The Deadweald Deities, which involved some sort of symbiotic substance, more-or-less a complete rip from Spiderman which took control of a host and changed their form in some gruesome way or other.

Barrett (Sold)
Diablo (Sold)
Die, X, Die!! (Collab)
Inari (Sold)
Ifrit (Sold)
Gilgamesh (Sold)
Lich (Sold)
Giaco (Sold)
The Fly (Sold)

  • Ponies
Ponies are slowly taking over my blog. I want it to be known that I'm okay with this.

Twilight Sparkle with Books
Milliput Applejack (Sculpting)
Millipony Filly (Whatever that means)

  • Miscellaneous
These figures do not conform to any brand or label, they are rebels...

Metal Gear REX
Older Clay Makes
Dragon Tutorial (Part 1)