Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chestnuts' Custom: Grownup Scootaloo

Chestnuts' Custom: Repaints are Copouts
Grownup Scootaloo


Once upon a time, I made a post on my thread on UK of Equestria saying I'm make the next pony suggested and someone replied that I should make a grownup version of Scootaloo. This obviously posed the problem of what to do about the cutie mark, at first I thought about covering it with the scooter on some kind of strap but that would have only covered one side and the helmet would have been too big to make hang on the other side, so I decided originally to do the G3.5 cutie mark (were they called that then?) and that was going to be that, anyway in a dramatic twist of fate UK of Equestria's FlakeTwist came along, offered to buy it and suggested his own preference on the cutie mark, which was a wheel from her scooter.. makes a lot more sense on G4 Scoots, the purple butterfly didn't really fit.

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