Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chestnuts' Custom: Ponayy the Last Strawbender

Chestnuts' Custom: Repaints are Copouts
Ponayy the Last Strawbender

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Pony version of Aang, the last Airbender. The photos don't capture it well but he has a wash for the shaved hair under the black tattoo as I wanted to go for more of a film style than a cartoon style as I have only seen the film The Last Airbender and that was what made me want to ponify Aang. His name is Ponayy as in the film when Aang first reaches his home, I swear he calls out to someone whose name sounds like that.. :/

His magical ability to manipulate his natural element begs the question of whether he should be a unicorn or not. I suggest not for two reasons; primarily because it would have interfered with his tattoo but also because a unicorn is naturally able to levitate pretty much anything (though it would appear weight restrictions may apply) so a bender, in the pony world would have to be some other race of pony who had the strength and dexterity of an earth pony but with the added ability, despite not having a horn to levitate their element. You could argue that a bender would simply be a unicorn who could work with any quantity or weight of their element, so a strawbender would be able to use their unicorn power to levitate a massive amount of straw (possibly to build a wall around Ponyville to protect it from the attacking fire benders? .. no that wouldn't work as well as water did for Aang..)

.. you could also quash my whole hypthesis by pointing out that straw isn't even an element but who cares.. hey, look ponies!

(more pics in the minus feed, Blogger won't have me uploading this many huge photos..)

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  1. wait u only saw the movie and you liked it?

    you are a strange, deprived person my friend...

  2. Surely it'd be worse if I'd seen both and liked the film?