Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chestnuts' Custom: The Gimp

Chestnuts' Custom: Whips & Chains are Magic
The Gimp


A friend I used to work with commissioned me for a gimp pony and I nearly shat brix, I had wanted to make one as I've seen it done on a few older, larger ponies but not yet on a blindbag and it's the absolute antithesis of My Little Pony, so it had to be done.. he told me he wanted a ball gag and some kind of chains or straps on the chest, so I went with straps and belts around his top half and crotchless leather chaps for the back end. He also comes with a little dill as an accessory, which I'd like to mention was made from a plastic clip that came with a scrubbing brush I got in Sainsbo's and I didn't go to the effort of sculpting a mini cock.

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