Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chestnuts' Custom: Colt America

Chestnuts' Custom: Repaints are Copouts
Colt America

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Colt America, my second pony avenger. Five point stars are pretty hard to paint, let alone sculpt but in the end I'm happy with how the two stars on him turned out. I was originally planning to make the shield removable but I sacked that in the end for two reasons, first it left a big hole in his leg, which would have had to be pretty big to account for extra thickness once both parts were varnished and second, once varnished if the shield was left in for, I'd give it about a week it'd be pretty much stuck in and if you did pull it out, I reckon you'd get varnish and paint stuck to the wrong bits so I figured it was best stuck in as I didn't want him without his shield!

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