Sunday, January 20, 2013

Help get the Space Core (and my Friend) to Space!

You know what's cooler than Space? No, I'll tell you.. nothing. Nothing is cooler than Space! My friend Marco Zorzin is asking for votes in the Lynx Space Academy event and here's why you should vote for him; if he wins I will give him my mini Space Core, to take to Space with him! Let's prove the Fact Core wrong and help the Space Core get there guys!

All you have to do is click on the link below and hit vote, we're not asking you to plaster your Facebook page with this, though if you have friends who're also into Portal 2 who you think would be interested in seeing a mini Space Core, in Space then please tell them!

Thanks so much to anyone and everyone who votes, apparently he only needs 200 votes to go through to the second round and he has 71 so far so I actually think if we go for it on this we could be in with a chance here..!

Marco in SPAAAAACE!!

Thanks a bunch,

Chestnuts over and out!

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