Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Discontinuing my Blog!

From now on you'll find me here

Just a quick note to let anyone watching know that with immediate effect I will be discontinuing this blog for two reasons;

1. It makes no sense to have all this information regarding my makes on so many websites, I'm a hobby sculptor not a business so it's not like I need the overkill web-presence, bad enough I have Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook which require regular updating aswell, I'm gonna start thinning those things out too!

2. Blogger is shit. No, really I keep uploading pictures here and without warning it just removes them and presents me with the 'no entry' icon.. I'm not at my limit of space, but I figured it might be an idea to start deleting old update photo's anyway.. Picasa's help on how to delete multiple photos is basically lies, tells you to Ctrl and click on all the thumbnail (links) to select them all but as even your grandmother will know, that just opens all the links.. so I started deleting them one by one but, to put it simply, fuck that shit! It also has a number of other annoying quirks like saving a page I'm halfway through working on and didn't want to save (i.e. I removed a lot of the info and hadn't backed it up, hence not choosing to save myself) and constantly reverting to counting my own pageviews in the total giving me an inaccurate figure of who's actually looking at my page

So, henceforth I will continue to operate over on my deviantART site, where I will be able to keep everything in one place, it means deleting all the PayPal 'Buy it Now' buttons from this site but I've recently had a note from my first potential PayPal customer, informing me that these buttons don't work either.. to be honest that could be Blogger's fault or PayPal's, they're both as crap.

Anyway, that will be all, please go check my deviantART page, linked in massive letters at the top of this post for my current stuff, thankyou to my three watchers! Byee~

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