Monday, June 27, 2011

Project X - Ifrit


The seventh Project X figure

June, 2011

Again, one I'm not sure how I gathered the inspiration for, he was originally only supposed to be holding a cigarette, a pistol and a pair of sunglasses. The shades were later substituted with a rocket launcher, which I felt was a fair trade and didn't make me a Colin.

There are some photos further down of the pistol and rocket launcher on their own as I made them individually afterwards to fit the hands, they were removable.. this guy was just too fragile and no amount of padding could save him from the trip to Camden and back!

Also, here are some photos of Ifrit as a work in progress, since I chanced to take some..


  1. I will have to say that Beardo was inspired by this one on my blog. Cant believe this is broken!!!

    1. oh, this one didn't break mate, i sold it at Camden :D