Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chestnuts Custom: Superpony

Chestnuts' Custom: Superheroes are Best Ponies

My friend and fellow Oaklands College dropout Marco 'Superman' Zorzin commissioned me to turn a pony into Superman. Having recently finished the Canterlot Royal Guard, which I had to go back and add some bits too having not properly looked at my reference pics before starting, for Superpony I decided to draw a proof before I started. As you can see I changed the cape after starting and also discovered that Superman had a yellow S logo on the cape, which wasn't on the proof! Most of his detail was made using Milliput however for the cape I tried Greenstuff this time.. it's a lot different to Milliput, they're both good in their own way, Greenstuff is the stuff for capes, again slating the proof it originally showed the cape draped over the pony's back and tail but with Greenstuff I was able to make a flowing cape which I think looks better. Marco also requested that this pony have a stand, so I fashioned one from balsa wood. :)


  1. You nailed this one, absolutely nailed it! The S Shield on his chest is fantastic & the stand really finishes it off. Best work yet!