Thursday, October 04, 2012

Chestnuts Custom: Spidermare

Chestnuts' Custom: Repaints are Copouts

For Sale
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Spidermare, Sidermare!
She goes where nopony dares!
Spins a web, eats some hay,
In the nick of time she'll save the day!
Look out! Here comes the Spider mare!

I'd originally whittled this one down to become a Shadowbolt, however when making my Kiriban; Cupid Strikes I used milliput to smooth over the head completely, pleased with how it turned out, the thought occurred to me that a smoothed over pony could be used to make a Spiderman custom.

Getting into superheroes is a can of worms though, I'm gonna roll out a sorta thing, based on concepts and stuff.. that's intentionally vague, watch this space!

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