Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Gift Art! :D

Check out this awesome picture of Chestnuts pony, drawn for me by FleetfootWonderbolt on deviantART! I found her recently on there and loved her style, the way she draws the hair is so detailed, it looks so.. brushable! :D I love the anime eyes too so I posted a comment on a pic she'd drawn of her OC to tell her how much I liked her style, we briefly exchanged pleasantries and a few days later I log in to find a note from her directing me to this lovely piece!



  1. Looks great! Very cool art style, looks a lot younger than the one i painted for you. probably about school age maybe?

  2. you're right he does! maybe not a colt as he has his cutie mark, but then Chestnuts pony isn't like Chestnuts person, so he'd have probably gotten his cutie mark early.. although i have no explanation for why it's three chestnuts :/